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Advanced full text searcher that can use document regular structure, if any
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19 July 2009

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Among the various text search utilities available, Text Filterer 2.7 definitely stands out on account of its inherent capacity to dig out relevant text. It allows you to easily search for the full text, documents, and files with various types of formats. It can instantly search for the single word, exact phrases, partial words, or Boolean word combinations within the organized collection of the documents. It supports various format files plain text files, RTF, Unicode, XLS, PDF, HTML, DOC and also supports image formats like ICO, GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, WMF, etc. It can even search and extract the supported files that are stored inside the ZIP, MHT and RAR, etc.

Text Filterer 2.7 opens with the decent interface to work with. You can create a new snippet collection that gets listed on the left side panel. You can also add in new collection in the collection pane. Set the name for it, enter and it shows a dialog box that asks you to set the parameters. It has different features that need to be set by you for having the filtration work done. The ‘File Scope’ option is for setting the features for directory, file masks and the snippet form. With the Snippets tab you can choose the snippet separator, identifier, etc. Columns tab has the features for making the search with the excel files. Set the filter criteria and set the features for different given formats. Make the selections for the collection statistics and rebuilding and temporary files, etc. click Ok and the program start building the collection with the set format files. It shows the collected files on the upper half area and the preview of the selected files is shown below. You can delete, edit, rename, copy and save the collection for your work. Working with the software is easy for collecting the snippets.

With Text Filterer 2.7 software receives a commendable score of 4 rating points owing to its easy to use features and it capacity to perform work at a quicker speed. Further many of it interesting options like making a tab delimitated output of the search results also is a big draw for its users.

Publisher's description

Text Filterer is an advanced desktop full text searcher. With TF, you can instantly search for single words, partial words, Boolean word combinations, and exact or proximity phrases within hierarchically organized collections of documents. Classic Explorer-like interface allows you to easily browse a search result by folders, switch between found documents viewing their contents in the preview pane, and navigate through the found words highlighted in text. Search results can also be filtered by file name, type, location, date/time, size, title, author, etc. Search queries are stored as filters being usable across sessions. TF supports plain text, Unicode, RTF, XLS, HTML, PDF, and uses MS Word and PowerPoint to index DOC, WPD, PPS, PPT and other MS Word supported files. TF supports many image formats such as BMP, ICO, GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, PSD, WMF and more. TF searches for Exif data embedded into JPEG and TIFF files. TF transparently works with ZIP, RAR, MHT and CHM archives treating them like folders. With group of Excel files having same columns, TF can selectively search by columns and rows presenting search results in one view. TF shows search results in the list view, with documents (or their parts called snippets) as rows, and their attributes as columns. Column data of a search result can be saved to a tab-delimited text file for later processing with a spreadsheet or database application. Resultant documents can be copied/extracted to a folder with or without conversion of them into plain-text copies. TF has support for multilingual texts. Advanced features include selective searches by used-defined data fields established around a common regular structure of documents, if any, and chopping documents into snippets to make them units of your searches instead of entire files, if they can be structurally subdivided into such snippets.
Text Filterer
Text Filterer
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